B2B Marketing Guide: The Most Effective Digital Marketing Channels

Best digital marketing channels

With so many digital marketing channels for B2B digital marketers to focus on, it can get confusing to identify which ones to focus on.

It’s important as a B2B digital marketer to understand that trying to be involved with every digital marketing channel can actually be a really bad move.

You see, if you try to be active on every channel available, you won’t have the time to be as effective as you possibly can be.

Instead, B2B digital marketers should be picking 2-3 channels to focus on and focus on doing them well. Then as you optimise the channels, slowly introduce more.

So, when you’re picking your channels, which ones do you focus on? In this blog post, we’ll look at the 3 most effective digital marketing channels that every B2B marketer should be using and we’ll discuss why.

The 3 Most Effective B2B Digital Marketing Channels

When it comes to B2B digital marketing, identifying 2-3 effective channels, and focusing all your attention on them is a far better approach than trying to be on every platform.

These are the three you should be testing.

SEO & Content Marketing

The number one channel every B2B marketer needs to focus on is SEO.

SEO has limitless potential and has the ability to bring unlimited amounts of website back to your website. While also bring more leads than any other digital marketing channel. This is because almost everyone looking for a product is going to start their search using a search engine, like Google.

A basic definition of SEO is optimizing your website to increase your rankings on a search engine. This is done by setting your website up so that it follows the 200+ ranking factors that are used to decide where a website should sit on a search engine. Ultimately, you’re trying to secure the number 1 spot on the first page.

Organic search results in Google

The most important ranking factors that go into deciding where your website should fit are:

  • Website speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • A secure website (SSL certificate)
  • Domain age, URL, and authority
  • Links

But above all, the most important ranking factor is SEO optimised content.

Creating regular content is the best way for a B2B digital marketer to capture new keywords and secure existing keywords. What this means is that a B2B digital marketer needs to be constantly posting content to their website in order to grow their SEO.

This means blog posts, case studies, guides, videos, and every other form of content. So, if you were only able to focus on one digital marketing channel, content would be it.

SEO website traffic overtime
Image from

When you’re starting your SEO, you have to note that it’s a long-term channel. Meaning that you won’t see results for at least a year. But, once you stay consistent and do it for long enough, it will take off. Easily passing the results of all your PPC and social media ads.


LinkedIn is a social media platform where all professionals go to connect with other professionals and businesses. It’s also seen as a digital and public resume for people. For this reason, it’s the best social media platform for B2B marketers to promote their business.

Using LinkedIn is critical for B2B marketers looking to increase their brand awareness and generate high-quality leads.

There are two things B2B marketers need to be doing:

  • Organic posting
  • LinkedIn Ads

To do this, your business needs to have a company page, which can be set up for free and quickly.

IBM linkedIn business page
IBM’s LinkedIn page

If you want to build brand awareness and increase the reach of your content that you’re posting for SEO, you need to be posting your content onto your businesses page newsfeed. This way the people who are instead in your business can get direct access to the content you’re posting. This is also essential for getting more people back to your website where you can convert them.

The second part of LinkedIn is using its ad platform to even further amplify your content and website. By using the ads platform, you can get your content in front of thousands of eyes and have access to target markets you wouldn’t normally have access to.

The best approach to LinkedIn ads is to take your best performing content pieces and promote them. In order to build leads, you should also be promoting conversion pages ebooks, and any other assets you have geared to convert.

Google Ads

Google is the largest search engine and has approximately 91% of the world’s market share.

Search engine market share

This makes it the best search engine to run ads on, which are geared to convert.

Before you set up your Google Ads, you need to understand that just sending traffic to a homepage is a bad strategy. Homepages are not set up to convert, they’re set up to direct people to relevant pages on your website.

So, before you start, you need to develop a landing page that focuses on converting traffic. A great tool for this is Unbounce. Unbounce allows you to set up high-converting landing pages branded in your business’s branding and store lead’s information for you to use.

Once your landing page is set up, create a Google Ads account. From there you can set up your Google Ads. Below is an example of what they will look like.

Example of Google Ads in the search results

And there you have it.

These are the 3 best digital marketing channels all B2B marketers should be focusing on. By combining these 3 channels, you’ll have a strong marketing channel stack. As time goes on and you optimise these channels, you can start to implement more channels to test.

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