Mighty Networks: Is it the Facebook Alternative we Need?

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Facebook is losing its touch. Maybe it’s time to give it a rest.

Year after year it gets harder to build a community around your company. With the decreasing of organic reach and the increase of total crap that fills the newsfeed.

For example, three years ago I could organically reach approximately 25% of my followers with any post. Now, I’ll be lucking if I can hit 10% of my audience with the average hovering around 3%.

Not to mention the cost of impressions for ads was about 3x less then what it is today.

For small businesses, it’s been estimated that they’ll be completely priced out of Facebook ads by 2022 if Facebook doesn’t make a drastic change to save themselves. But this shouldn’t matter as by then we will have moved onto the next social media platform to build our brands.

Because of these statistics, I’ve been trailing a few alternatives to see which one works best.

I’ve been doing this on Medium, Quora and Vero. As these were the lesser-known social platforms that have been showing some great growth.

Quora is great but unfortunately, I’ve missed the boat on being on the platform while it was experiencing some serious growth. Putting me way behind and in order to grow on Quora, I’d have to put 110% into it. Which I’m not willing to do.

Vero is a great social platform for personal use but growing an actual following on it doesn’t seem possible or worth it as they’re not growing at a rapid enough rate.

Which left me to try and discover alternatives.

This brought me to Mighty Networks.

When I first discovered it, I wasn’t sold.

I had a look around. I tried out some of the features and decided it wasn’t for me.

As I kept trying to build a following on Facebook and even starting a Facebook group and trying to build that, the thought of giving Mighty Networks a chance grew bigger.

Until the thought of missing out got too big and I decided to give it a chance.

What is Mighty Networks?

The easiest way to explain Mighty Networks is that it’s every possible way to make money online and build a community all the same platform.

It allows businesses and people to:

  • Build a community and groups
  • Post and promote your content
  • Develop online courses which can be sold
  • Host and hold events
  • Develop a membership paywall for certain groups or content
  • Host full websites and emails

It’s the social media platform we all need.

There are paid options as well if you want to get more out of the platform.

Who Started Mighty Networks?

The platform was started by Gina Bianchini (founder of Ning), who explains the platform as:

“ Mighty Networks is a software-as-a-service platform (SaaS) for creators, niche entrepreneurs, and businesses to bring together content, online classes, community, and subscriptions all in one place with your brand front and center. “

It was started to combat Facebook and offer people something more than just memes and ads.

The Pricing Model And What You Get

As I mentioned, there is a free version and a few paid versions.

Features of mighty networks
The features of Mighty Networks

The free version gives you everything you need. Especially, if you’re a person trying to build a following as opposed to a business.

The free Mighty Networks plan includes:

  • Unlimited members
  • A personal landing page
  • Access to the Mighty Networks apps
  • Content posting and sharing
  • Direct messaging
  • Ability to charge for memberships

If you’re looking for something even more. Maybe you want to host your whole website on Might Networks. Then the paid plans might be for you.

As I mentioned, you can host courses, coaching sessions, and exclusive content but if you want access to these features, you’ll have to pay.

Which is fair enough for the amount of money you could potentially make by selling these services.

How does it work?

Mighty Networks works very similarly to a Facebook Group.

People search for groups on certain topics, for example, mines all about Digital Marketing.

From there, people will request to join. This is generally done by you inviting people to join or by sharing a link that people can use to find your group.

Once they’re in they have access to all the content. They can find blog posts, courses of which they can pay for and any other things you want to share on the group.

Why is Mighty Networks a good alternative to Facebook?

While Facebook may still be relevant, very soon, it won’t be. Which has lead me to believe that Mighty Networks has a few reasons why it’s better than Facebook.

1. A Bigger Offering

Facebook doesn’t offer much in terms of direct ways to make money for people who are trying to build a digital business. It also doesn’t offer much for those trying to build an audience.

Not anymore anyway.

The platform has become littered with content and trying to break out from the pack is next to impossible.

The organic reach has also shrunk and ads have gotten expensive.

Meaning that making a sale or getting a like is costing more.

Mighty Networks is a welcomed fix to this. Allowing you to host online paid courses, sell ebooks or other products, develop a membership-based group, just to name a couple of ways that you can utilise it.

2. Isn’t Powered by Ads

Another important aspect is the platform isn’t powered by ads. Meaning that news feeds aren’t littered with businesses trying to sell you things.

In fact, you have full control over what goes on you ‘groups’ newsfeed.

This means that businesses or people won’t ever be priced out of the platform as there simply just isn’t anything to price them out with.

3. Highly targeted group

Think about it — the people who are within your group what to be there. They’re not getting forced ads that you’re running.

These are people that you’ve either invited and they’ve joined or they’ve come through a link that they found.

Regardless of how they got there, they want to be there.

Even more so if you charge for a membership and they pay it.

Don’t underestimate how powerful this is. These people are willing to be a part of what you’re trying to grow.

How can B2B companies use it?

Businesses need to build a community around there brands and this may be the answer to doing it well.

It’s no secret that businesses are building communities and more often than not, they turn to Facebook groups to do so.

A community can mean many positive things for businesses even B2B ones:

  • Loyalty
  • A sense of relationship to the brand
  • And ultimately, more sales!

But as proven throughout this post, Mighty Networks is the better option to do so.

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