Top 20 Medium Tags to Increase Engagement

Top medium tags to use - social media

For those who don’t know, Medium is my favorite social media platform.

It’s got no ads, people have businesses being on there and it’s purely good quality written content being shared by genuine people.

About 2 years ago I wrote an article to help people go from zero to 1,000 followers in 4 weeks. Use techniques that I spent a lot of time trying out.

Now, to add on from that, you need to know what the most frequently used tags are in order to ensure that your posts are seen by the most amount of people possible.

Tag optimisation on Medium is super important as the platform only allows for you to add 5 tags as opposed to Instagram, which allows you to use 30 hashtags.

Here are the top 20 Medium tags:

1. Startup (366,000 articles)

2. Life (325,000 articles)

3. Life Lessons (292,000 articles)

4. Politics (285,000 articles)

5. Poetry (263,000 articles)

6. Travel (253,000 articles)

7. Entrepreneurship (249,000 articles)

8. Education (234,000 articles)

9. Health (230,000 articles)

10. Love (219,000 articles)

11. Design (205,000 articles)

12. Technology (196,000 articles)

13. Writing (195,000 articles)

14. Business (173,000 articles)

15. Self Improvement (182,000 articles)

16. Music (165,000 articles)

17. Social Media (159,000 articles)

18. Sports (142,000 articles)

19. Food (119,000 articles)

20. Art (104,000 articles)

Hopefully, this list will help you better tag your Medium posts. Be aware, that while these are the top 20 there are tags that are related to these tags that have also been used a lot! For example, while ‘self-improvement’ is in the top 20 the tag ‘motivation’ is close.

Try to pick your tags so they all relate.

When you’re picking your tags to attach to your blogs. Try to pick two large volume ones, like the ones above, and three niche ones that better target the content of your post.

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