How to make $10 million from Facebook

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Making $10,000,000 from Facebook used to be unheard of.

How could you make that much money from a social media platform?

Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars Kerwin Rae claims to make on Snapchat, Instagram and all the other platforms under the sun.

But as I started to look at it more, it started to make sense.

I’ve spent the past couple of months studying the influencers who pop-up in my news feed.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Sam Ovens, Tom Waterhouse, and Kerwin Rae are the most recent.

It started to really annoys me that they seemed to know something I didn’t. Which they did up. Until I saw 2 Facebook Ad gurus at a work event explain how they do it.

Then again, when I saw Kerwin Rae at his event, The Fast Growth Summit.

To my surprise, Kerwin and the Facebook gurus had the EXACT same structure for marketing their products on Facebook and then again for other channels.


Before I go over what they do, I’ll go over the event that re-enforced what I already.

Kerwin Rae facebook marketing for b2b digital marketers

Tickets were only $47.00, which is important to note because the return on that $47.00 was priceless. I have never got more out of anything.

Walking into the hotel lobby, there was already a few hundred people lined up. Waiting to get into the hall where we would see Kerwin.

At this stage, I still wasn’t too fussed. I had been to a few of these kinds of events and all that happened was a speaker would push his shitty products for 2 hours and then a handful of idiots would sign up and everyone else would be pissed off.

But this one was different.

We finally got let in after about 600 people waited in the lobby, sweating. It was hot and the roof was low.

We all sat down and within 10 minutes it had started.

They did the usual. One of his current students came out, hyped him up, and got us all pumped.

Once she finished her story of how great Kerwin was, some jacked up dude came out swearing his head off. I realized it was Kerwin.

He looks so different from his videos.

What happened next was a 2-hour keynote full of actionable insights relevant to what I do…

Digital Marketing.

It was fucking awesome. He gave us the exact steps on how to scale and make sales on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

It all made sense and it was a build on from what I already knew.


So it turns out, Kerwin Rae’s process to making money online is exactly the same as Sam Ovens, Tai Lopez, and all those other digital influencers.

Also a fun fact, a few of them use the same digital agency to manage their accounts — BlitzMetrics.

I’ve heard a lot of people throw around the idea that you can learn Facebook advertising in a few hours. Which in some part is true. Anyone can boost a post and anyone can choose a target market. But to develop a successful sales funnel, it takes a lot more skill and ability to adapt.

First things first.


This is the most important thing that was pointed out by Kerwin.

Starting a conversation with someone is a way for you to create a relationship. With a relationship, you can sell.

The way you start this off is by addressing people’s questions with free content.

For example, if someone sends you a Facebook message asking about how they can plan out their goals for 2019. You would send them a link to a blog post that addresses this issue or an e-book that does the same.

Obviously, the questions are different depending on what you do but that’s a general idea.

Respond to every comment you get and respond to every question/ message you get.


The top point hardly helps you convert if you get nothing out of it.

So once you’ve developed that connection, you’ve identified their issue and you’ve got the content that would help them, get their email.

Don’t send the content directly through on Facebook. This will mean you’ve wasted a possible lead.

Send something like this will work:

“Hey, I’ve got some great information that will help you with this. Do you have an email I can shoot it to?”

Now you’ve got their email and they get added to your email nurturing funnel, which will eventually sell them.

Kerwin says he has a 100% conversion rate on this strategy as you’ve directly helped their issue.


It’s a known fact that visual content gets the highest engagements on social media. With video getting the best.


To create the perfect funnel you will need 6–10 30 second videos.


Reason being, the majority of views are done on mobiles. Verticle videos take up the majority of the screen and mean people don’t have to turn their phones on their side, horizontally.

It might not seem like much, but trust me people get pissed off and won’t view your content.


You want to develop a funnel that will lead people to give you their email. Not buy a product!

This is generally an e-book or some kind of quick free course.

The goal is to get an email. Which then you can add to that nurture funnel I spoke of earlier. Or sell them even before that with a CTA in your free content.

Give them enough to want to buy.

You need one video that you’re going to use for prospecting. This video is your main Facebook ad. Once you’ve got the video and you’re ready to promote it pick a broad target audience.

Then you’re going to set up 5 more 30-second videos, which are set up as re-marketing campaigns for 3-second views on the previous video.

Please note, only the last one should have a clickable link, all the rest should be giving value!

What you end up getting is a chain of videos that people get shown (exactly like the influencers I mentioned in the start do), which then leads to a small number of people getting to the landing page but they are warm as fuck leads. They are so likely to convert that Kerwin’s numbers sit up at 80%!

While it’s a quick explanation, this is how you develop a highly covetable Facebook funnel.

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