Mailchimp Scaling Limitations for B2B Businnesses (and Alternatives)

mailchimp limitations and alternatives

Mailchimp is, without a doubt, one of the best email marketing platforms for small to medium businesses.

It allows B2B businesses to connect with potential leads and customers, and offers comprehensive features when it comes to automation and analytics. Not to mention it’s super cheap.

But when it comes to scaling, is it still the best option? Or should businesses look to other platforms as they start to grow and require higher functionality?

That’s what we’ll look at in this blog post and offer a couple of alternatives that may suit your needs better.

Limited Conversation Tools

If a B2B business is starting to scale, they need to work hard on keeping all of their digital marketing as centralised as possible.

This is particularly important when you start adding on support teams, bigger sales teams and marketing teams. So having a platform for emails, one for sales CRM, one for support articles, and so on, becomes harder to manage.

While Mailchimp does offer some other functionality other than emails, they’re hardly up to scratch.

As your business scales you want a platform that can automate email funnels, act as a CRM, offer chat bubble integrations, and allow for all communication to be done on the one platform.

Import Limitations for Role Based Emails

One of the key things, particularly for SaaS businesses is that Mailchimp doesn’t allow for importing role-based emails (like [email protected]).

mailchimp doesn't allow for role-based email addresses

This can be very problematic, especially if your B2B business is SaaS based, as many companies will set up a role-based email dedicated to accessing their account on your platform.

So, if you happen to gain one of these emails whether that’s from a trade show, or digital marketing campaign, no matter how much you try, Mailchimp just won’t allow you to import them into your marketing lists.

Lack of Marketing CRM Tools

And here’s the key to scaling.

You need to be able to see all of your users, sales and leads all in the one platform AND be able to interact with them on a chat level, with no problems.

This is the most important thing that Mailchimp doesn’t offer. Yes, they do allow you to see your users, and interact with them on an email level but they can’t send you quick questions using a chat bubble on your website and there’s no way for you to quickly and efficiently respond to them while also keeping a history of all your interactions like, viewing help articles, tracking website visits, pages viewed, etc.

This is the key to an efficient Marketing CRM or conversation platform.

Some Mailchimp Alternatives for Scaling B2B Businesses

Let’s take a look at two great alternatives for Mailchimp for scaling B2B Businesses.


Intercoms homepage

Intercom offers a 360 degree approach to conversation.

Serving as a chat platform, email marketing and engagement platform, and a basic CRM for marketing.

It also offers Help article creation and enhanced segmentation and tagging.

HubSpot Marketing CRM

HubSpot's homepage

HubSpot‘s marketing platform offers it all. Highly intelligent personalisation, sales CRM, email marketing, chat, and everything in between.

It allows you to map out the customer journey visually and personalise that journey based off actions and events as a customer or lead navigates it.

The sales CRM functionality allows you to correspond with leads and move them along the sales funnel manually as they become closer to closing.

All up, if you’re looking for a platform that can handle all of your marketing needs, HubSpot is the way to go.

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