LinkedIn Outreach Campaign for B2B Marketers

LinkedIn outreach campaign for B2B digital marketers

LinkedIn is home to millions of people who are all there to do business.

As a B2B marketer, you know by now that it’s a great place to build high-quality leads through direct messages.

This post will go through a very simple outreach campaign, which you can implement within minutes and start seeing results.

Here’s the LinkedIn outreach campaign with recommended time frames

Many B2B marketers suggest that you should keep sending messages until you either get a no or they finally accept to either have a demo or sign up. I don’t think this should be the case as you’ll find yourself wasting time on dead leads when you should be focusing on the thousands of other healthy leads out there.

What matters most is not how many times you follow up but instead, it’s how attractive the copy of your messages is.

I’m going to share a 4 step LinkedIn outreach campaign that I have been using. Here it is:

LinkedIn outreach campaign: Connection Request

Firstly, you need to identify your target market and once you have, you can start sending connection requests.

With a connection request, you can attach a message. This message is a great way to clearly show who you are and what your intentions are. Here’s the message:

Hi <name>,

Thought you might be interested in a completely new way we’ve developed <purpose of business>: think “<if-this-than-that reference>’. Backed by companies like <3 client examples>.

Should we catch up for a quick chat?

This message is to be added to the message section of a connection request.

LinkedIn outreach campaign: First Follow up

Chance are most people on LinkedIn who will accept your connection request but they won’t respond to your message. This is largely because people receive multiple sales pictures per day. So you need to send a follow-up.

Hi <name>,

I hope you don’t mind me following up, but I thought you might be interested in a completely new way we’ve <purpose of business>:

<explain product> – think “<if-this-than-that explanation>”

We’ve helped companies like <3 new clients>.

Should we catch up for a quick demo?

Send this message 48 hours after the connection has been accepted.

LinkedIn outreach campaign: Second Follow up

By now, the potential lead should have seen your messages and they know you’re trying to get them on the phone or for a product demo. So, it’s okay to be a little bit cheeky or a little bit humorous.

Hi <name>,

Just persistently following up as opposed to annoyingly following up 🙂

Really keen to show you our performance-based, risk-free technology.

Let me know if you have 20 minutes for a chat.

Send this message 7 days after the first follow up.

LinkedIn outreach campaign: Third Follow up

You’ve now sent multiple follow-ups and you’re getting the feeling that they’re just not interested.

At this stage, I like to send one more message, if there’s no answer I’ll move on and come back to them in a few months down the track.

Hi <name>,

I thought I’d just check to see if you’ve had a chance to consider my previous messages?

Just hoping to catch up to show you how <business name> can <value propersition>

Is there a time next week that we can chat?

Send this message 2 weeks after the second follow up.

LinkedIn is the cheapest way for B2B marketers and business owners to build leads fast. There are millions of people on the platform and all of them have the same thing in common… they’re all there to do business. Don’t feel bad for getting into people’s inboxes, the chances are, they’re doing it to others as well.

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