How B2B Businesses can use Medium for Brand Awareness

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B2B businesses and B2B digital marketers are constantly looking for new ways to get more brand exposure and increase leads.

Although, actually finding them is a different story.

B2B businesses are notorious for not getting creative. They’ll be using Google ads, email marketing, and maybe Linkedin, but outside of that (in the digital world), they won’t be doing a lot more.

Essentially, B2B businesses are taking longer to adopt.

In this blog, we’ll discuss a free and quick way that B2B businesses can gain more exposure, improve their SEO, and increase leads with 30 minutes set up time and 15 minutes a day, with Medium.

What is Medium?

Medium is a social media platform for sharing long-form written content and is described as a publishing platform.

It’s used by millions of users as a place to get high-quality content, blogging, and engaging with people all over the world who are interested in the same topics.

Medium homepage

One of the main advantages of Medium is that there are no ads. Companies aren’t able to promote anything and the content that gets posted is genuine. It’s also a platform that pushes content purely on how good it is using an algorithm that takes into account post reach, likes, and comments plus everything posted gets indexed by Google (which is amazing for SEO).

Who uses Medium?

Medium is used by both amateur writers and journalists, and professional people and publications. On it, you’ll find bloggers who share content on their interest topics, journalists posting news stories, and some of the biggest publications in the world.

How B2B Businesses can use Medium for Brand Awareness

I’ll start by saying one very important thing:

Users on Medium DO NOT want to be sold to and don’t really want businesses outside of major publications on the platform.

You need to make a note of this before you set up a company account and start blasting sales content. You won’t get anywhere, no one will pay attention, and your business will fail on the platform before you even start.

Instead, you need to look beyond the obvious and turn to publications.

Publications on Medium are like a ‘mini-newspaper’ that enables people who are part of the publication to post their stories to the people who choose to follow the publication. publication page
A publication on medium

The benefits of a Medium publication

  • A Medium publication allows you to build brand awareness without pushing your company down the throats of the users.
  • You can invite influencers in your industry to contribute to the publication to optimise on their followings.
  • All the content posted is indexed by Google which gives you another channel for promoting your content.
  • Get more clicks to your website by embedding them within your content for Medium users and publication followers to click.
  • Build an audience by allowing people to sign up to follow your publication.
  • Links back to your website from Medium help with link building for SEO.

How to set up a Medium Account

Now, let’s go step-by-step the process to set up an account. Please remember to use your name instead of the companies name as users don’t want to interact with b2b businesses.

Step one – Create an account

Navigate to the homepage of Medium, and click the green ‘Get Started’ in the top right corner of the page.

The medium homepage

Step two – Select your signup method

Signup options for Medium

Step three – Select your interest

Once you have received the email and verified your account, you will be prompted to select your interests. Feel free to go ahead and select the topics you would like to see content on. Medium is also great for keeping up to date on trends within your industry.

Step four – Update your profile

Update your profile so people know you are you by adding in a photo of yourself and a bio that describes you and your interests or the content that you’ll be sharing.

That’s it! You’ve now set up your profile and are ready to set up your companies publication so you can start improving your brand awareness.

How to set up a Medium Publication

Let’s run through the steps of how to set up a publication.

Step one – Navigate to create your publication.

Firstly, click on your picture in the top right of the page and navigate down to ‘Publications’ and click it.

Publication button on Medium

Once you’ve done that you can click ‘New publication’.

Selecting new publication on medium

Step two – Identify your publication

Now, you want to add some identification to your publication. Add in the name. You might want to use something that covers the industry your business operates in instead of your business’s name. This will boost the chances of people wanting to contribute to your publication.

So for example, if I have a SaaS business that operates in the Fintech space, I might want to call it Fintech Talk.

Then add in a tag line, a description about what’s covered, and an image to represent the publication.

Adding in the publication details

Step three – Add your companies social profiles

Adding social media accounts to your publication

After you have added your social profiles you can select 5 tags. These tags should be based on your industry so people can find your publication easily.

Step four – Add editors and writers

Next, add in the people who you want to contribute to your publication. This can be updated at any time and you can invite people as you like.

Adding editors and writers for your publication

Once done, click ‘next’.

Step four – Customise your homepage

Medium allows for a lot of customization on a homepage and it’s up to you to set it up in a way that suits your business. Play around with it. Test new things and remember that it can always be changed at any time.

Customising your publications homepage

Once you’ve gotten your publication’s homepage looking how you like, you can start posting your content. Inviting people to contribute and improve your following. While also improving your website’s SEO and increasing brand awareness.

Add Your First Post to Your Publication

To add content to your publication you need to post your first blog post to your personal account and then add it to the publication when you go to submit it.

You’ve now set up your Medium account and created a publication to put all of your content.

As I’ve mentioned, Medium is amazing for SEO and backlinks while also gives you access to a new audience and improve your brand awareness.

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