3 Alternatives to Mailchimp For B2B Digital Marketers

Alternatives to Mail Chimp

For a long time, Mailchimp has been considered the best email platform for B2B marketers but as more options arise, that may not be the case anymore.

As a small business or growing startup, you understand how valuable building an email list is.

In fact, an email list can deliver the highest ROI compared to any other marketing channel.

According to Adobe, for every $1.00 spent on email marketing you can expect $40.00 back.

The ROI of email compared to other channels
ROI of email is far more than other channels

So it’s no secret that putting a lot of time and effort into building a quality email list for your business or blog, is critical to your success.

Effectiveness of email marketing
The effectiveness of email marketing

For example, I put about 80% of my time into trying to build my email list out of all other channels I use.

When I first started in B2B digital marketing, I set up an account with Mailchimp. At the time it was the best option. It was cheap, easy to use and super simple to integrate with WordPress.

Which allowed me to build an email list to 10,000+, starting from scratch.

But recently, Mailchimp made a few changes that have forced me to look for better email marketing platforms.

Why Mailchimp Was so Good

There were a few reasons why Mailchimp is great:

  1. It’s free — you can get a free plan which allows you to have an email list of up to 2,000 subscribers.
  2. Drop-drag builder — creating landing pages, pop-ups or forms is super easy as it’s all drop drag and highly customizable.
  3. Everything integrates with Mailchimp — no matter what platform you use, if you need to integrate with Mailchimp, it’s almost certain that you can.
  4. Pre-built templates — while the free version only offers very basic templates, they’re good enough to start getting subscribers.

Where Mailchimp Went Wrong

Recently, Mailchimp updated their software and a few days after the update I received this email.

The email tells me that the changes to Mailchimp were bad enough to make this company completely change their email marketing platform. Which is pretty serious because all links, popups and subscriber forms on their website also need to be changed.

After getting this email, I decided to find out for myself what this change was and even though the above email doesn’t specify which update made them change, I’ve got a pretty good idea which it was.

They’ve removed the ability to have multiple email lists on the same account. Which is a huge problem!

Here’s an example of why:

If I create an ebook that’s on ‘How to write blog posts for startups’ and an ebook that’s on ‘How to set up Facebook ads’, with the new changes I have no way of allowing people to download either book while also capturing their email. I can now only set up one. Whereas before I could set up two separate lists for each ebook.

This is a huge mistake for assisting B2B companies to build their lists and then convert sales.

Top 3 Alternatives That Are Better Than Mailchimp

These are the top 3 free email marketing platforms you should consider instead of Mailchimp.

1. Hubspot Marketing

Hubspot's email services
Hubspot’s email services

Hubspot is a popular all-in-one marketing/sales CRM platform that allows people to automate the process from lead to conversion.

One of Hubspot’s products is Hubspot Marketing.

Hubspot Marketing allows you to completely automate your entire email marketing process, create lead capturing and conversion funnels while also providing you with the ability to grow your email list of up to 2,000.

Not only this, but the dashboard is incredibly simple. I’ll also point out that the analytics are something that isn’t offered on Mailchimp.

Hubspot's stat dashboard
Hubspot’s stat dashboard

What’s included in the free version

  • Contact form creation
  • Contact management (list building)
  • Lead capture pop-up forms
  • Traffic and conversion analytics

2. SendinBlue

SendInBlue's dashboard
SendInBlue’s dashboard

SendinBlue is the best option of the 3 in this article.

They recently went through an entire re-branding and as a result, the whole product has gotten much simpler and user-friendly.

In terms of features, SendinBlue offers the most for free users. One, in particular, stands out. There’s no cap on how many contacts you can have on your email lists. Which is awesome for someone who’s focusing on building their email list. In saying that they do have a daily email send count of just 300, which is quite low. But considering their low prices, this would be the best platform for any small business or growing B2B startup

There’s a couple of other things that contribute as to why SendInBlue is my favorite choice.

For one, it’s cheaper than most platforms.

SendInBlue price comparison
Cheaper than other email marketing platforms

While also offering a boatload of more features (may not be on the free version).

SendInBlue feature comparison
SendInBlue’s feature list

What’s included in the free version

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Send up to 300 emails per day or 9,000 per month
  • Email template library
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • SMS personalization

3. Benchmark

Benchmark drop/drag feature
Seamless drop/drag feature of Benchmark

The thing that really stands out about Benchmark is the super minimalistic design. There’s no distractions and no complication, making navigation easy.

It offers a good amount of funnel development for the free version. Allowing you to set up a chain of multiple emails but only being able to set them up so they fire based on time, not on actions. Something that isn’t expected for a free version but would be nice.

It allows integrations with most big platforms, such as WordPress.

What’s included in the free version

  • Send 14,000 emails per month with up to 2,000 subscribers
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Basic conversion funnel capabilities

There are hundreds of other email marketing platforms that you could use to build your subscriber list, but I only wanted to tell you about the best ones.

Since there are so many, you don’t want to get lost in the distracting marketing techniques.

You want to find the best platform that you can rely on.

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